Empowering producers globally

To optimize yields through precision technology and intuitive platforms.

ActiveTerra: We help you maximize your yields

Data analyzing management platform, agnostic to any sensor with mobile easy to use interface

Solving your everyday problems

Visibility means profitability

Discover what your teams are doing in real time, see status and follow up on progress for harvest, fertilization, fumigation and more: with just a click.

Visibility means profitability
Reveal the power of GPS location

Reveal the power of GPS location

Shared scouting reports, custom alerts and geofencing:
locate, plan and mitigate.

Conquer your field

Revolutionary view of your fields throught IR images, NDVI and RGB processing of photos. Detect plant stress, make sure you take care of issues before they spread.

Conquer your field


  • End-to-end encrypted communication
  • Marine grade devices

ActiveTerra: The field manager that never sleeps